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Company INGRID D. JSC manufactures wooden handles for tools since 1994, and that is the reason why the company had an idea to produce climbing toys for children, because it is possible to ensure the whole cycle of manufacturing in their own manufacturing facilities. The company is the leading tool wooden handle manufacturer among the Baltic States.

JOY OF NATURE is a brand founded in 2020 by a family company INGRID D JSC. The brand manufactures wooden toys and furniture for children. The products are climbing toys – climbing triangles and arches as well as children furniture – a kitchen assistant tower for children.

JOY OF NATURE was inspired to create products by our own children, who use each of our products in their everyday life. Seeing this makes us sure that these products are created correctly and are well thought out.

In order to reach the set objectives, you need enthusiasm and confidence in what you do!

Our mission is to create child-safe, multifunctional, sustainable and natural toys, which are easy to use and are interesting for children every day.

Our team is based on family and unity and because of this we have created a great team, who works daily to improve our products and create new ones.

Joy of Nature ® is registered “INGRID D.” JSC trademark.

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Rūdolfs, manager

One of the team leaders of Joy Of Nature, product developers and CNC program writer. Rudolf participates in all decision-making and is responsible for the quality of products and packaging. We choose only the highest quality wood raw materials for our products to keep them safe for children. Rudolf knows the structure of each product and their production process.

Krista, marketing specialist

When order is received, Krista is responsible for preparing and forwarding order to packaging. One of the most important tasks for Krista on a daily basis is communication with clients. Krista is in charge of social networks, the website, the maintenance of the store and everything else related to it. Every day new skills are acquired and work is done on the Internet to bring the brand to the wider world.

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Kristīne, carpenter 's assistant

Kristine is the “working bee” of the Joy Of Nature team. She is responsible for ensuring that each order is loved and packaged in the right combination so that it is not damaged on the way to the customer. Kristine is responsible for ensuring that all products are ground to such a quality that the product is soft and safe for children’s small arms and legs. Kristīne has been in the team from the very beginning and has learned a lot of new skills in the daily production of children’s products.

Kaspars, carpenter

The main quality supervisor and person in the Joy Of Nature team, who does all the work and controls the quality of the products. There is no work that Kaspars could do. It is Kaspars whos main goal for the product is to be produced perfectly, without any mistakes. While working at Joy Of Nature, Kaspars is also a CNC operator. Kaspars has been with Joy Of Nature from the very beginning and he has been involved in the development of products and the improvement of the production process with his ideas.

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