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Montessori triangles

For crawling through caves, climbing hills or sliding down a snowy mountain. Free your Childs imagination an allow them to have maximum fun! Furniture by The Joy of Nature promotes children’s motor development, same as the Pikler triangle.

A climbing triangle made of natural wood that is diligently climbed by a child under the age of three.

Promoting imagination and fun!

When playing with Montessori style furniture, your child will have the most fun. These toys support their imagination and can become whatever the child desires. He can turn the toys into a cave to explore or a tunnel to crawl through. With the help of a ramp, your child can add a slide or chicken ladded to the construction.

Promoting the Childs motor development!

Playing with toys from The Joy on nature collection is a great way to naturally promote your Childs motor development. The little ones can learn at their own pace – gradually get better at crawling, pulling themselves up and even try to stand up. Climbing on the Pikler triangles is a safe way to develop their movement skills.

A climbing triangle where a child as young as two develops their motor skills.

Green and renewable materials!

When making the furniture, we use high-quality aspen wood. It’s approved by the FSC. The wood is treated natural bee eco wax (tested and certified according to standard EN 71-3:2019, can be used for children’s toys) and water-based colours, if the product is colourful. The Joy of nature furniture is designed, built, tested and verified in Latvia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Montessori triangles work?

It is a cleverly designed Montessori climber that allows young children to practice climbing and pull themselves up. The Montessori climber is meant for indoor use only. Children remain active and inquisitive while they learn to climb safely on the triangle. Children are able to climb and move their bodies in many ways thanks to the structure of the wooden triangle. The Pikler climber will help your little ones feel more independent as they practice climbing skills on the wooden triangle.

Is the Montessori triangle good for kids?

When used as directed, Montessori triangles are excellent climber toys for children. The Pikler climber assists kids in developing the fundamental abilities of standing, crawling, pulling or climbing up, and falling down. The Pikler triangle grows alongside your kids, so it’s no surprise that the triangle Montessori climber is adored by parents all over the world.

What benefits do Pikler climbing triangles have?

Climbing on the Pikler wooden triangle gives children many benefits, such as the ability to sense where they are in space. The Montessori climber also helps them develop gross motor skills like balance or climbing. In addition, the Montessori triangle provides tlhem with the benefits associated with risky play and become more confident as they improve their climbing skill on the wooden Montessori climber.

The Montessori triangle will unleash you child’s imagination like no other climbing toy. The triangle can resemble a roof or a climbing wall. The Montessori philosophy encourages kids to practice climbing on their own, using the Montessori triangle or other climbing toys available.

Is the Montessori triangle climber safe for kids?

This Pikler Montessori climber is as safe as any other toddler climbing toy. Your child will benefit from a wide range of activities that strengthen both large and small muscle groups. The Montessori triangle climber will provide kids with may hours of fun while using the Pikler triangle indoors.

You should supervise kids while playing and climbing with the wooden climbing triangles, but let them develop their gross motor and climbing skills on their own. The skills gained by playing on the triangle Montessori climber will improve not only the child’s climbing skill, but also lay the groundwork for other abilities like cognitive and verbal skills. So – the triangle Montessori climber is no only safe but also beneficial for kids of different ages and skill levels in climbing.