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Kitchen helpers

Our Kitchen tower isdesigned to help your child develop their independence and self-reliance on a daily basis. By using this product, your child will learn to trust in their own abilities and develop a sense of independence. They will be able to determine how much they can do on their own and understand the limits of their abilities.

The Montessori Kitchen chairs make it much easier to involve your child in everyday tasks around the house. Your child can now participate in the cooking and dishwashing process, as well as brush their teeth independently at the sink, which was previously out of reach. Not only will this allow your child to spend more time their parents in the kitchen, but it will also give them a sense of accomplishment and pride as they learn to do things on their own. To ensure the safety of your child while using the Kitchen tower, we have equipped it with wooden barriers on all sides. These barriers provide an added layer of protection and security while your child is using the platform.

The kitchen helper is made from plywood and aspen wood details. Children can use kitchen helper tower from one year old when he can stand still.

Promoting independence and fun

With the use of our wooden helpers, your toddler can enjoy more quality time with their parents. Now it will be easier for your child to reach high surfaces, without compromising their safety! The furniture piece is best suited for the kitchen and makes it easier for your children to participate in day to day activities, such as cooking.

Boosting the Childs development

The furniture is fully adjustable and the design focuses on your kids safety, so they can focus on enjoying freshly baked cookies or other treats. We love how easy it makes including your little ones in the daily activities.

There are two children on the kitchen helper, the product is stable and firmly holds the children.

Green materials, customisable product

When making the furniture, we use only high-quality aspen wood and birch plywood. It’s approved by the FSC. The Joy of nature furniture is designed, built, tested and verified in Latvia.

Our tower is available in multiple colours – white, gray, black and the natural wood. You can choose the product that fits your home the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kitchen helper tower for kids?

It’s a step stool that allows your child to reach table height. They’re most commonly used in Montessori settings because they help children develop their self-help skills. A kitchen helper can be used as a standalone product or it can also be attached to a play kitchen.

Are kitchen helper tower stool safe?

Yes, as long as they are well constructed with guard rails and a very secure footing. Stable stools for the kitchen make it easier for kids to get food, brush teeth, wash hands and more.

Is learning tower necessary?

Learning tower, or a step stool, is an excellent piece of furniture for any child that shows interest in practicing climbing. We give the child a sense of independence, as they can climb up and down without assistance.
The Learning Tower is a great way for your child to learn to climb independently, so it can be used as a stepping stool when the child is older.

What age is helper tower for?

The Helper Tower is for children over the age of 1, it is important to always have an adult present 
when any child is sitting or standing on a piece of furniture.